4 Things Bluehost Won’t Tell You In Their Advertising

There are a lot of web hosting providers out there that provide excellent service. But do you know how to choose the most suitable web hosting providers for your website or blog? There are many criteria that we must consider before we decide the correct one. Web hosting providers can be suitable for some people but not a correct choice for others. It depends on many reason on how to choose the best web hosting and plans according to our objective building a blog/website. And today, i will tell you about 5 reasons why you shouldn’t register to Bluehost web hosting plans.

Don’t buy it if you don’t have the money for hosting.

Bluehost is among the top web hosting providers. Even though they have mixed reviews from customers but overall excellent customer service is recommended for this company. Well… if you have the money of course. This is from my experience and i will say it is most of the provider will do this. They will treat you right especially during the purchase. I mean they will gladly help you regarding to that matter. So if you are going to start a blog. The paid hosting one. You need to consider your budget. There are a lot of web hosting providers out there that can give you their similar service but on lower price.

Bluehost i think is the premium version of web hosting even for the cheapest plan. Because… when you register for the plan, lets say the cheapest shared hosting with promotion 2.95 dollar per month, the promotion will end and it will go to the normal price which is 7.99 dollar per month. That is a huge difference, but there are other alternatives that are giving you lower normal price than this. So if you ended up broke and the price is high after. You will lose your blog.

Sometimes…horrible customer service?

Another thing that we will not know from their advertising is.. this. Sometimes, we will have a horrible customer service. This is not entirely happen to all customer since there is only a few Bluehost employee that responsible for this, but when it happen to you, it is a huge turn off. This is the story from Ryan Michael on Disqus.com.

“Bluehost is the worst!! I signed up for a VPS account and their system / admins put both myself and another user on the same VPS account… WTF? I’ve never seen incompetence like this before. I’ve been with Bluehost for about 4 days and have already spent over 15 hours of my time on hold with their terrible support team.

They refuse to give me a time estimate on when this issue is going to be corrected so I can migrate my site off the host that I’m leaving. I tried explaining to the rep that I’ve rented a new apartment, but when I went to move in the landlord had rented it to two different people, and I only have a set amount of time to get out of my old place. He took that analogy and ran with it, responding with “Well I would say that you shouldn’t move in to a new place without an inspection?”

He did one better though, and followed up with “Look, there is an admin that is working on your account, and he probably has other tasks and responsibilities that he’s supposed to be handling.”

Wow dude! you’re really terrible at customer service. You’ve got some balls, but you deserve to be fired for placing blame on the customer when the company you represent made a major mistake that is costing the customer time & money.

I can’t speak to how well Bluehost servers run once everything is operational because I’ve yet to experience that. What I can speak to is their horrible support and customer service reps. The devs / admins are incredibly slow. The people or automation they’re using to create accounts is definitely incapable of the task.

I’ve worked with at least 20 hosting providers over the years and have never experienced this level of incompetence. Nor have I been treated so rudely by a level 1 support agent.

I’ll be sharing my story with everyone I can in hopes of preventing this from happening to another person.”

Web Hosting Reliability

These are among the stories that encountered by Bluehost Customer. Clearly, sometimes the good one also have bad days.

“I have been a Bluehost customer for 9 years and am finally fed up enough to leave. I have had good customer service over the years until the last one. It takes forever to get an agent on the line when your website is down again–this is the 2nd time in 4 days. The problem–the nameserver information was completely deleted. I had started hosting at another company that was much faster as I get a lot of traffic–but kept my nameservers hosted at Bluehost. If you want reliability find someone else. During my time with Bluehost I could count on a couple lost days per year with the website being down. It was costing me way too much money so I switched hosts–and now with take all of my other domains out as well.”- Sam Vandervalk.

“I have a basic website up with BlueHost, it’s a shared domain with one other website. The load time on the website is disgusting simply disgusting. It’s a basic WordPress website so far, but literally the website takes 1 minute 40 seconds to load completely. It opens at about 20 seconds in with my mobile data but if I even try to connect over wi-fi the connection just times out! Horribly slow.”-Ali

You can find a lot of comments like these on forums or simply google it.

Billing after account deletion

Some of the people out there delete or cancel their account for their personal reason. But be careful when you are using your credit card info for online purchase if you don’t want this to happen.

“Bluehost is a SCAM. Why? Because when you cancel and delete your account they continue to bill you for additional products such as $24 for Site Lock service and they do not provide nor show any options online to delete or cancel it. YOU HAVE TO CALL THEM AND THEY STOP THE AUTO RENEWAL BY REMOVING YOUR CREDIT CARD INFO. Just to remind you guys, this is a website hosting company that does not allow you to fully cancel services ONLINE and misleads you into thinking the account is actually DELETED and CANCELLED. RIPOFF SCAMMERS. STAY AWAY!!!”-Corrie.